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Keeping your account safe.

Keeping your account safe.

I’m sure everyone has been told many times how to keep their accounts safe and don’t tell anyone your password. But in this post, I will be explaining how to keep your discord account safe from other users.

User token

I have briefly mentioned this before in one of my many bot posts that user accounts have tokens. These tokens should be secret and you should not expose these tokens to any users or websites. If anyone asks for the token because your account is “Hacked” It is a scam and you should not follow their instructions. If you believe your token has been exposed the easiest way of resetting your token is by changing your password as this will change the token.

Two Factor Authentication.

Two Factor Authentication (Or 2FA for short), Keeps your account safe by adding an extra layer of security on your account. To log into your discord account you would need to know

Your username

Your password

Logging in from a familiar device/IP otherwise, you need to verify via emails

And entering in a code from a mobile phone. Most of my accounts are protected using google authenticator. I quite like this app because the codes change every minute so even if my codes get leaked chances are they won’t be able to get into my account in time ;)

Enabling 2FA

Here’s a quick guide on how to enable 2FA

Firstly you will need to go into your user settings and click Enable Two-Factor Auth

Then you will be presented with the following screen

Now follow these steps and when you open google authenticator clicks the orange + and clicks enter the manual key (Or scan a barcode). And viola 2FA is now enabled.


Hopefully, you have heard many people tell you “Don’t tell people your passwords” “Make sure your passwords are strong” and I can completely agree with these. I once had one of my social media accounts hacked because my password was not strong enough and someone was able to crack it. Usually, I change my passwords for accounts that are a top priority for me (Such as PayPal, Discord, Github) Once every few months. When I create passwords I usually use LastPass’s secure password generator and I use passwords that are longer than 10 characters, just make sure you don’t tell anyone your passwords even close friends because if anything happens between you they might want to ruin you and they can easily do that if they have your social media accounts.

I hope you have learned something from this post and thank you for reading :)