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After multiple users ordering bots from me I have decided to create an online store after someone suggested making a store to me, you can view the store by clicking Here This store displays the type of bots I am selling and the price of them. Currently, I am selling character bots, chat bridge, moderation bot, tip-bot and custom bots of the user’s designs. These prices are just a draft and could change at any time so its best to buy bots now before the prices go up ;)

I also accept cryptocurrency for bots. The coins I accept are Turtlecoin, Bitcoin, Etherium, Etherium-Classic. If you want to suggest a coin I should accept feel free to message me on discord.

On my site, I have also added a testimonies page which you can find by hovering over the home button. This page contains references for everyone I have designed bots for and their feedback. This is so people know I am trustworthy and I have also added contact details for each person so if they want to contact the person they can.

There is also a donation page on the site so if you want to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated. I am thankful for any donation it does not need to be large it could be $1 for all I care :)

This site is currently a work in progress so it could change at any time

Thanks for reading this short update post.