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Discord Beta.

Discord Beta/Alpha

Ever wanted discord features before everyone else? Well, there is a way, in this post I will be explaining discords canary, Alpha and test-flight editions of discord and what they are.

Android Alpha / Discord Alpha

This is mostly referred to as the name android beta version of discord. This version gives you access to features that other Android users do not have, for example currently Alpha users have access to audit logs and game detection which normal users do not have. To join Alpha you will first need to sign up to the beta version of discord which you can find by going to the discord app Page on the Play store and scroll down until you see the beta and click sign up. You will then need to fill out a quick form located Here Although once you fill out this form it is not automatically going to give you Alpha as the developers need to automatically add you to the Alpha list Developers add users every Monday-Friday at 9 AM PST. Below is a message which is pinned in one of the official discord’s about Android Alpha

How can I sign up for Android Alpha?
Good question! All you need to do is to head on over to our #faqs channel, you will need your Google Play email and have already joined Android Beta in advance.

Why am I not getting accepted to Android Alpha?

Unfortunately, it is not an automatized program where everyone will instantly get approved before they can even blink. Dabbit Prime adds people on the weekdays (Monday to Fridays, except for holidays) at 9 AM PST, then it will take one or two days for Google Play Services to process it. If you are unsure of what time it will be for you, you can follow here All you need to do is hang on tight and be patient! 

How do I know that I am part of the Android Alpha?

The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself the Android Alpha role by doing !android for the bot command. This will give you access to the secret announcement where you can keep updated on what’s new. Next, you will need to open your User Settings and then scroll down to where you can see 7.7.1 (771) for example. If it matches the most recent announcement, congratulations on getting Android Alpha! :ghoulcheer: 

I waited and waited, but I don’t have it!

1.) Make sure that you have waited for at least a week, as things can become crazy at times. 
2.) Ensure that you are signed in with Google Play with the correct email.
3.) Force-close Discord, GPS, and restart your phone.
4.) Make sure you’re in the Beta program.
5.) Try leaving then rejoining Beta to force an update.

If you don’t have the access, please shoot Dabbit Prime#0896 a direct-message with your email!


Canary is the Beta version for windows and iOS desktop devices similar to Android Alpha, canary gives users features that normal users do not have, Canary was originally only given exclusively to discord partners which were one of the incentives on becoming a discord partner where you could get early access to new features but now everyone has access to discord canary. Some questions I have seen is. “Why is there an application which is better than the public build but not everyone is using it?” My way of answering it is Alpha versions can become unstable as discord cannot test the application on every single type of device so a majority of the time when they release an update to the beta build there could be a possibility that it does not work with your device and crash immediately. So this is why only certain people like using canary. You can download canary for WINDOWS Here Or if you use apple you can download canary Here or if you are extra special you can download canary for Linux Here.

Test flight

I won’t go much into detail as I do not use test flight but test-flight is an alpha version for Ios devices such as iPads, iPhones etc You can get test flight by completing the online form Here. I am also unsure where you go to download test-flight but I believe it’s in the app-store possibly under discord

If you ever experience what you believe is a discord bug while using any of these versions please feel free to join the official discord tester server and report the bug. You can join the server Here

Thanks for reading this post about discord beta and alpha versions :)