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Better Discord

Hey all, welcome back to another blog post. Today I will be talking about something that I have been noticing often and that is the use of unofficial discord clients such as better discord, some users think that this is allowed but I am here to tell you that it is NOT allowed under any circumstances. In this post I will be explaining what is better discord and why is discord banning users for it.

What is better discord?

Better discord is an application which changes the CSS of the discord client for example it can change the chat color red or the background blue, it also allows the user to download “plugins” which changes the behavior of the chat such as the ability to see channels which a normal user cannot see (like staff channels).

Users keep complaining about how stupid it is that discord isn’t allowing this modification but the reasoning behind it is quite simple,

when you use better discord it modifies discords official code which could create security risks such as users logging your IP, token, private conversations, passwords or the ability of your account getting compromised altogether is this a risk you want to take just so you can make your chat look colorful? It’s definitely not a risk I would take especially when I have important information saved on my account. So in all fairness discord is just trying to keep you guys safe. So please do not use clients such as better discord because it can get you banned or the risk of getting infected.

Im not going to include any links or guides on how to get better discord due to the fact that I do not want to be promoting ways to break discord’s T&S so please do not PM me asking how to get better discord because I have not or will I ever use better discord.

I hope this post has taught you something and I hope this will make you think twice about using better discord, thank you for reading this post on better discord I really appreciate