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Year In Review

Thank you!

I would first like to begin by saying Happy new years everyone I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and good new years. This year has been fantastic for me as this is the first year of my blog and me trying to make an effort of making a discord community. In this post I will be telling you about all the achievements I have had so sit back and enjoy:

In one year I have managed to obtain 62 users in my discord server woohoo

In one year my bot has reached 14 servers with a total of 23k people in them, now that’s an achievement I never expected the bot to become that big.

Now it looks like I can’t get a year overview on my blog stats but it looks like in one month I have gained 700 unique visitors which I am actually surprised at how large the visitor count is.

In one year I have published 77 blog posts (78 if you include this post)

Now I’m not going to make this a big long post otherwise it might make you bored. I am sorry I haven’t made as many blog posts as I said I would I just can’t figure out what to blog about so if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me Also before I forget I also now have a support helpdesk so if you have any questions you can create a ticket Here

This would not be possible without the readers help so I thank you all for sticking by my side and helping me on this journey :)

Thanks for reading