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Github & Discord Changes


GitHub Updates

This morning GitHub released a new update that changes the ways developers use their service. Before today you had to pay $25/m to gain access to create private repo’s.

Now today they have given everyone access to create private repo’s. So if you design bots and want to keep your code private so you can now post the code on GitHub so random users cannot find it. But if you create a private repo you can only add up to 3 people who can edit the files. Although if you create a public repo you can have unlimited members (Nothing has changed there). You can read more about these changes Here

Discord Updates

Also as I am writing this post I have just discovered a new addition discord has added to their developer portal.

They have now added “Teams” Just like GitHub organizations on discord you are now able to give multiple users access to the bot page such as token, name and invite links etc.

You can access the team’s page by going to the developer portal Here And on the nav bar, there is a button called Teams. At this stage all members are given admin so be careful of who you add as they will have full access over team applications, so only add people you trust You can read more about teams Here

Also here is some latest update notes from discords client updates which I obtain from the discord developers discord

@Android Alpha 

don't blink, android alpha 8.2.4 comin in hot

- you will no longer be disconnected from voice if you change your online status or while listining to spotify
- couple startup crashes fixed
- couple other crashes fixed, nothing widespread
Just made a special release to canary that deletes a ton of old CSS. These are pretty far reaching changes across the app, if you notice anything funky or out of place, that is ok on PTB or Stable, plis to let me know!
@iOSTestflight 2.4.2 ready to test! 
- refactored server and group DM invites to match new gift codes

Thanks for reading