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Discord spoilers

Discord Spoilers

(I was writing this post on way home from a camp and as I arrived home I noticed that this has been released to everyone)

Discord is currently testing a new feature that will soon be added to discord and that is the new addition of spoiler tags. Spoiler tags are ways that you can spoil a movie, game, tv show or anything that has a story line to it without people getting annoyed because the only way to look at the message is by clicking on the message which has “Spoiler” Written over it which will then display the message. Spoiler tags are currently being tested by users from the alpha versions such as android alpha, Desktop canary and IOS test flight.

You can create a spoiler tag is by using two at the beginning and end of each message/parts you want to spoil such as “   Spoiler   ” which would block the whole message or “This message will block out   This spoiler   ” So when a user sees the message they will see “This message will block out xxx” and xxx will be covered in black with “SPOILER” Written over it so when they click “SPOILER” it will uncover the hidden message which is “This spoiler”. You can also spoiler tag Images and possibly even videos although I have not tested videos myself. I am unsure of when this feature will be released to the public but I assume it will be shortly as we (Discord bug hunters) are going into the final stages of bug testing :).

If you are interested in becoming a bug hunter you can join the discord testers server located Hereand if you find a new bug with discord you become a “Bug hunter” and are able to earn all sorts of awesome stuff with XP you earn by reporting bugs and testing other peoples bugs. The stuff you can get are stickers, blanket badges, Coffee mugs, Profile badge, Discord hoodie, Discord shirt and so much more.

Blog update

This update was too minor to create a special post dedicated towards this blog update/fix but I have recently fixed the issue where you couldn’t click on the “tags” on the side of the page when you are looking at a post. You are now able to click on a tag and can view other posts similar to the one you were reading, for example I have tags for posts about bots, updates, servers, crypto and a few others.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that you have learnt something new :)

Thanks for reading