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What have I been doing?

Hey all, some people have been asking me recently what have I been doing since there hasn’t been much activity on my blog or on bot development so I have decided to make this blog post to answer these questions + Inform you of a Container management tool (computer program) that I have been playing around with called docker,

If you are unfamiliar with what docker is I briefly talked about it Here And you can also read about docker clusters Here. Recently I have been doing a lot of docker work with the help of Funkypenguin After days of hard work and troubleshooting I have spun up an auto-pirate stack which contains radarr, sonarr, Jackett, nzbget, Rtorrent and NZBHydra, this was a stressful project to create if you are new to docker but once you have it sorted it makes a lot of sense. I also have spun up emby, Private bin, Portainer and much more. If you have any questions about this service feel free to contact me otherwise I highly suggest you check it out :)

Also the reason why I have not made many blog posts recently is I have to wait for either a big discord update to come out or if I start using a program that has the ability to integrate with discord that I can also make a blog post about

Thank you for your constant support