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Post: Trust and Safety

Recently discord released this public statement about how their trust and safety team operates after they received a large amount of negativity/hate via social media specifically towards “Quackity’s ban” and other things

I feel ashamed about how people think they can break rules and claim that it is allowed because it is “Fun” I support discord’s reason to ban 100% and it’s a shame they have received this much hate towards them.

If you feel that discord’s trust and safety team is terrible you need to understand that they get so many reports each week and it’s hard for them to keep track of them all/get them all done quickly

Our Trust and Safety Team currently reviews more than 800 reports every day for violations of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, in total handling more than 6,000 reports a week. Those reports vary greatly: sometimes the team may be investigating server raids and NSFW avatars; other times it’s removing deeply disturbing content like gore videos or revenge pornography. We also get reports where a person demands we ban another person for “calling them a poopyhead,” while other times someone is being doxxed or in danger of self-harm and a friend of theirs reaches out to us.

Many people also believe that discord bans people “without” proof and this is one of the most absurd claims I have ever heard, when you report someone to discord you must Use message, channel, user and server ID’s this is so they can check backlogs and make sure that this is true before they ban even if you post a screenshot by its self they will not do anything

After many concerns sent to discord they have decided to update their policy on “Cub porn”

Furthermore, the following will lead to content removal and a warning (or ban depending on the severity): Sharing illustrated or digitally altered pornography which depicts minors (such as lolicon or shotacon).