Installing discord on Ubuntu

Want to learn how to install Discord on ubuntu? Read this post for more info

This post will teach you how to install discord on Linux

Installing discord on linux (Ubuntu/Debian).

Recently I have noticed that not many people know how to download discord on Linux so in this guide I will be explaining how to install discord on Ubuntu. I may make future posts on installing discord on different Linux devices eg fedora, openSUSE etc

Step one

Make sure your device is fully updated by running the following command

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Step two

Your next step is to pull the Debian package from Discords website

wget -O discord.deb ""

Step three

Your next step is to then install discord using dkpg

sudo dpkg -i /pathto/discord.deb

for example, if your deb package is in Downloads the command would be

sudo dpkg -i /Downloads/discord.deb

Once this package has been installed you can run discord by either type discord in the terminal or by going to the list of applications and opening it from there. Once the application is opened it will update and then your discord will be fully updated. The benefits of this are that you will not need to re-pull the package every time there is a new update, discord will automatically update each time you open the program

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