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Post: Updated Overlay

Woohoo New Feature

Quoted from Discords Blog Whats a overlay?

For those unfamiliar with in-game overlays, they’re a “layer” of features — usually chat, a friends list, etc. — that can be accessed without needing to alt-tab and losing focus of a game. Overlays are usually accessed via a hotkey (our default hotkey is shift +~) while a game is running.

Why Does discord have a overlay?

You’re waiting for your multiplayer match to start, or maybe you’re entering the boss room when you hear the Discord notification sound. Now you’re faced with choices: You could ignore the notification, which the enticing bloo-bloop makes impossible, stop everything you’re doing and go buy a second monitor, or spend several seconds alt-tabbing to Discord to read it, and then several seconds alt-tabbing back into your game. Regardless of what you choose, this isn’t an enjoyable experience and it’s one of many problems we solve in our Discord overlay redesign.