Discord Verified Servers

Discord now have verified servers

Discord has recently released a new way of making your server verified. If you are a game developer and pay a small fee ($25) And when approved your server will become a verified game server. These servers have special perms such as the ability to create a store in a channel, vanity invite url and much more. Now here is some key points from Discord’s post

Quoted from Discords Blog What is a verified server

Starting now, we’re mixing in some tapioca starch and thickening up Verified Servers for devs in a big way. For a small development fee, devs will have access to store channels and news channels. Once approved, they’ll receive a verified checkmark, get vanity perks, and appear in server discovery


We’ve learned that devs want to avoid the friction and cost of a traditional storefront by selling directly to their community. So, you can now create a store channel within your server where anyone can get your game.

Moreover, we’ve learned that devs want better insights for their games. These insights allows devs to optimize their game development, marketing campaigns, and community activations which ultimately makes better game experiences for players.

So, some analytics are already live and some are coming soon for devs making use of our commerce tools. Use these insights to understand how much salt you need to add to your gamezpacho. Sign up for our dev newsletter to stay up to date on this.

Moremoreover, we’ve learned that devs want more ways to engage with their community. Sooo, tidy up your menu items because you can now designate any channel a news channel (like #announcements) and share updates to your players’ Activity Feed.

Server perks.

Here are some server perks you will get

Verified Server Cosmetics — make a memorable server name like discord.gg/mysickgame and upload some awesome art to make your server stand out like a really tall person amongst people who are less than the height of the really tall person.

Server Discovery — your server will be discoverable to Discord’s 250 million registered players within the server discovery directory. It’s like a treasure hunt except you’re the beautiful shiny treasure.

Gifting — leverage our gifting system and let your fans drop click-to-redeem gift links across the world wide webwork.


Discord now allows you to use their SDK for games such as

Networking and lobbies

Voice chat. Hey, Discord is pretty good at that (works on any platform as long as Discord is running).

Couponing system and price control

Cloud saves

Rich Presence — let players show off their game status with rich information about what character they’re playing as, what level they’re in, or how much match time has elapsed (among other things. The world is your okonomiyaki).

How to get started?

Here is the following details on how to get started with Discords SDK

You can get started on many of these things without needing us to verify or approve. Head over to the Discord Dev Portal to start. After paying the development fee, you’ll get immediate access to pre-launch lifecycle tools. You can also begin integrating our SDK for Rich Presence and more.

Then, you’ll see a required checklist to complete prior to submitting for approval. Once you submit, our verification wizards will review your server, your game, and your store pages.

After being verified, you’ll have access to our commerce tools. Sell your game, allow gifting, see analytics, and surface in Server Discovery!

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