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Post: CBP says traveler photos and license plate images stolen in data breach

You can read the full article Here

The photos were transferred to a subcontractor’s network and later stolen through a “malicious cyberattack,” a CBP spokesperson told TechCrunch in an email.

CBP learned that a subcontractor, in violation of CBP policies and without CBP’s authorization or knowledge, had transferred copies of license plate images and traveler images collected by CBP to the subcontractor’s company network

“fewer than 100,000 people”

Are you serious it was “only” less than 100,000 it doesnt matter how many this affected this should never of happened.

The agency did not name the subcontractor.

WTF, why the hell not. I guess they need time to suit up for 100,000 lawsuits

The best way to avoid breaches of sensitive personal data is not to collect and retain such data in the first place

Yep this is true. Only time it should get logged is if the person has been flagged by police or is on a watchlist imo

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