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Recent events with bot and VPS


Evening everyone I have decided to make this post to inform you of what has happened today which has pissed me off.

So I have been using a vps to host many bots such as Bencey bot, chat bridges and some client bots. The past few days the vps has been offline and I was not able to access it, so today I decided to research the company to see what was going on and I noticed that their facebook and twiiter was deleted which made me very suspicious.

I then found a post Here. TLDR the company have scammed all of its users by shutting down without much notice, no way to get your data back and sold their databases which include usernames and passwords to a third party which some people assume is the same company just renamed. Luckily I had backed up my main bots code a few days earlier (Majority of it) but unfortunatly it did not back up the per guild settings and the leaderboards. So you will need to reconfigure the per guild settings. My apologies for this and I am just as much annoyed as you are.

I apologise for this short post, I honestly dont know what else to say