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Discord Custom Status feature

Good evening everyone and welcome back to another blog post. I know I have not been posting very much recently and that is because I have been busy setting up my IRL business so that has been my priority.

Recently discord has started to slowly roll out a new feature to a certain percentage of discord servers which allows you to set a custom status which other users can see when they visit your profile.

To set a custom status you need to click on your profile image in the bottom right of discord and if the server has the feature there will be a button called custom status

When you click on set custom status you will be able to set the status you want and then you can say how long you want your status to be displayed for. This would be good for if you wanted to go get food so you can set your status to “Getting food” And make it so the status will remove after 30 minutes so users know you are not in front of your PC.

After you have set your status you can look at the status by going to your user profile

That’s about it for this blog post I am trying to get more active on posting so I can bring more content for you and I am thinking about starting to record content and upload it to youtube. As always if you enjoy my content you can support me by visiting my patreon and becoming a patreon Here This allows me to make blogging a full-time job and gives me more time to blog as I do not need to get a part-time job. When you become a patreon you unlock perks such as premium support, Custom roles in the discord, Access to bot code and much more. I would highly suggest checking it out.

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