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Welcome to another blog post. The other day I had a user from one of my streams ask me “What is home assistant” so I thought that I could use this question to create a new blog post about my Home Automation System.

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is a way to automate parts of your home by using technology. for example the ability to turn on your house lights from your phone. This can also be referred to as a Smart Home.

I first started my Home automation journey in 2018. I started by buying my first smart bulb and a bridge which connected the smart bulb to my phone. I placed both these devices in my bedroom. After a few weeks of owning these devices, I slowly started to upgrade by buying more light bulbs and purchased an Amazon Echo which allowed me to turn on my lights by saying “Alexa, Turn on all lights”. I then started to play around with an open-source home automation system called Home Assistant.

I run home assistant on a raspberry pi and added many features such as the ability to control my Spotify music and play music on my amazon echo’s. Whenever motion is tripped from my sensor it turns all my lights on and sends me a text so I know that someone is in my bedroom. I enjoy using home assistant because the system has so many components you can use to link to other applications such as Phillips Hue, Yeelight, Plex, Arduino and much more.

Almost a year later I am proud where I am now. With 13 smart bulbs (1 RGB), 6 Amazon Echo’s, One motion sensor and Home assistant.

Future Plans?

Many people have asked me what I plan on doing in the future with home automation and I do have a few ideas that I have been thinking about, I have been thinking of purchasing some smart locks for my house so I can control the locks on the front door from my phone. I will also be blogging more on home automation and what I have been working on. But at the moment I have just reset my raspberry pi due to a corrupted SD card so I am having to remake everything again.

How to get started?

Below I will attach some links to amazon on some Smart Home appliances that you can use to get started

Lights + Bridge

Amazon Echo

Things for Home Assistant

Raspberry pi

64GB SD Card

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