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Discord Server Folders

Discord Server Folders

Today discord has released a new update to discord canary adding the feature to create server folders. This has been suggested to discord many times and they have decided to add it. Creating folders will allow you to organize your discord servers you are able to choose the folder name and colour, so you can folders for “Work” “Social” “Games” And much more. Below is a video which shows you how to create a folder in discord

If you prefer to have a written guide you are able to create a server folder by dragging one of your servers onto another server. This will create a folder. You are able to collapse or expand the folder by clicking on it. You are able to edit the folder by right clicking the server (If on Mac control + right click) from there you can choose the folder name and the colour

As this feature has just been released there are a few bugs that are still being found. If you encounter one of these bugs you are able to report it Here

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