Post: Discord Transparency Report: Jan 1 — April 1

Want to learn the steps discord makes when it comes to T&S reports? Read this post for more info

A couple of months ago discord promised that they will start post transparency reports on their moderation system. Today they have released their first transparency report. You can read the full post Here.

T&S receives more than a thousand reports daily and over seven thousand reports a week for violations of our Community Guidelines.

That is a lot to deal within a short time. As some of you know I work as a support specialist and I get around 10 reports daily and I feel that’s a lot of reports but imagine dealing with over a thousand reports daily, now I see why they hire so many staff.

Once a report has been received

Once a report is received discord investigates this by gathering as much information they can about this report and once they feel they have enough information they take action in several ways

  • Warning the user

  • Disabling the users account for a short time

  • Permanently removing the users account from the service

Sometimes a user will follow up to ask what actions we’ve taken, but for many reasons, we generally can’t share those specifics. For example, imagine a scenario in which a user faked their suicide to end an internet friendship (this is a real situation that happens surprisingly often). Their concerned friend reports this user’s messages to us, but in the course of our investigation, we determine that this person is perfectly fine and chatting with their pals on another Discord account. For privacy reasons, we can’t share this with the concerned reporter. From their perspective, it appears that we’re withholding life-or-death information about their friend; from ours, we believe it is correct to protect the privacy of our users (no matter how well-intentioned).

Although since so many reports are received there are always times where the reports are not what they seem, for example, reports from users are often edited or they delete their messages to take the conversation out of context although Discord staff is not stupid they can catch onto this pretty easily.

Over 3 months there was over 100,000 discord accounts removed due to being spambots. that is a lot of accounts to remove.

There is a lot more that I could discuss about this transparency report but I feel that you should read yourself, the only final thing that I will say is that support staff everywhere whether its Netflix, a computer game, youtube deals with so many tickets on a daily basis so if you feel that they are ignoring you don’t worry they are probably just dealing with more important issues and they will get to your ticket eventually.

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