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Update: Update post on what I have been doing


Originally this post was made a couple weeks ago but for some reason the post was not publically avaliable on my blog (Acidently made the post in my root directory instead of my posts folder, Whoops.

Where have I been?

Hey all, Its been a while since I have made a blog post so I have decided to create this post today to keep you all updated. Recently I have been learning Ethical hacking so I can learn more about cyber security. I have been following some awesome courses on and I feel that some of you may also enjoy the courses so I will link some of them below.

You are able to join udemy using my referral link Here

The first course that I completed was a begginers course to ethical hacking which you can find Here I would highly recommend starting with this course as you do not need any prior knowledge on ethical hacking to complete this course you get taught everything you need to know You can find the course Here

The second course that I am currently taking is a social engineering course which basically teaches you how to exploit a system using people for example getting them to open a link. This course is more specialized towards social engineering so I would suggest taking this course second. (Or any of the other courses the author has) You can find the course Here

I have also been studying hard for my school exams which are coming up very soon so my priority has been on school. Other than that I hope everyone is having a great day and I just wanted to upload this quick post so you guys are kept in the loop

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