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Update: New Store Release

Welcome everyone to another blog post. Today I am writing to let you know about my store that I have been working on for the last month which is set to release in 2 days (Of wtiting this post). This store is replacing my old bot shop and this will be more themed around my buisness (Tier III Technologies). I am currently planning on selling 2 types of items on the store, Merch and IT gear such as PC parts, Accessories and other items

Currently I have the current merch items listed:

Shirts, USB Sticks, Stickers and a Coffee mug, If you have any suggestions or would like to see some sneak peeks. Come join us in our discord Here.

If you would like to come check out the store before its released (Currently a countdown timer) You can visit it Here If you enter your email in before the store is released you may get some special deals ;)

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