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Discord QR Code Scam Alert

Discord Scam Alert

Before I start I would quickly just like to say that I am writing and publishing this from my phone as I do not have access to my laptop due to this the post was rushed and there might be some Grammer and spelling errors, apologies

Welcome everyone to another blog post. In this blog post I am going to be talking about a recent feature that discord has released to the platform. Which can pose as a security issue to some users

This feature is the ability to log into your account via a QR code. The way it works is when you open discord and are presented with a login screen you are able to obtain a QR code with this QR code you can scan it from your mobile device which is already signed into discord by going into your discord settings and click scan QR code. The problem with this is that some users are posting their QR code and saying “scan this code for free nitro” but when you scan the code you are giving the user full access to your account. Signing in via a QR code also bypasses 2FA. So ensure that you do not scan QR codes from random users otherwise you will lose access to your account

Sorry for this short post, I know that I haven’t been publishing for a while but I have recently started planning on some new posts which I will start working on.

Stay safe everyone