Original Xbox's Source Code Leaked

Uh oh, The complete source code for the original Xbox has been leaked online. Read this post for more info

Uh oh, Recently the source code for the original xbox and Windows NT3.5 has been leaked online.

What is Windows NT 3.5 ?

Windows NT Is an operating system developed by Microsoft which was released in September 1994, NT 3.5 was the second release of the Operating system and the primary goal of 3.5 was to improve the preformance of the operating system.

The release included new features such as integrated winsock and TCP IP Support whil the previous version (NT 3.1) Only included an incomplete feature of TCP IP.

Anyways back on to the discussion of the leak.

The leak included the source code which includes the kernel for the operating system on the original xbox. Although it has been understood that the kernel and source code has been passed around previously before so it is still unlikely to help further improve homebrew and emulator efforts for original Xbox games.

It is illegal for people to use Microsoft’s own code in an emulator but the information given from the leak could give users new ways to create better software of the console. Only a small percentage of xbox games can currently run smoothly on a homebrew emulator. Some people like to create these emulations because they feel its important that these original games and their consoles are preserved even though the original units have died out

The leak for NT 3.5 included the source code that included all of the build tools and will allow enthusiasts to dig into the operating system. Although the support for Microsoft NT 3.5 ended in 2001 and is only used in a small number of systems world wide so the leak isnt a significant security issue.

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