How to Install TokoVoip for Fivem (Client)

Want to learn how to install TokoVoip teamspeak plugin for Fivem?. Read this post for more info

TokoVoip is a custom TeamSpeak plugin that is used alongside a fivem script which adds in proximity chat between players. It also includes Radio Effects using a program called Radio FX this guide will teach you how to install TokoVoip client side so you can connect to servers that use TokoVoip

If you are wanting to join a FiveM Server that uses TokoVoip this guide will teach you how to install the plugin so you can play on the server.

Step One: Install Teamspeak And Configuring Microphone Settings

The first thing you will need to do is install TeamSpeak if you do not have it already. You can download TeamSpeak using this Link. Once you have installed TeamSpeak you will need to create an account,then you need to configure your microphone and push to talk settings by going to Tools -> Capture. Once you have configured your microphone settings you now close out of Teamspeak so we can install the plugin.

Step Two: Install The Plugin

The next step is you will need to install the TeamSpeak plugin from the TokoVoip Github Release page Here The file you need to download is tokovoip-versionumber.ts3_plugin. Once the file has downloaded, go to where the file has downloaded to and open it up, you should be presented with a screen with the plugin name, type, author, version, platform, and description. You will then click Install and the plugin should install successfully.

Step Three Ensuring the plugin is installed

Now when you open TeamSpeak you will see a new tab at the top called “Plugins” If you click that you will see TokoVoip and under toko, there is connect, disconnect, unmute all and the Radio Effects.

And at this point, you have successfully installed TokoVoip. Now what you need to do is connect to the servers Teamspeak IP. If you are unsure on the servers IP please contact server staff, Once you have connected to the TeamSpeak you will goto plugins -> TokoVoip -> Connect and it will move you to the main channel. If you have any questions or are having issues with this guide please do not hesitate to contact me.

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