How to Install TokoVoip for Fivem (Server)

Want to learn how to install TokoVoip for your Fivem Server? Read this post for more info

okoVoip is a custom TeamSpeak plugin that is used alongside a fivem script which adds in proximity chat between players. It also includes Radio Effects using a program called Radio FX In this guide I will explain how to install TokoVoip On your FiveM Server

TokoVoip Provides many benefits for example better voice communication and it provides users with radio channels that they can use to communicate with other players.


A Teamspeak server

Tokovoip ts3 plugin



You can install the latest versions of these files Here As of writing this post the latest version is v1.5.4

Setting Up ws_server

ws_server is important because it provides the communication between the fivem Script and the TeamSpeak plugin. Without ws_server they would not be able to communicate with each other

The first thing you will need to do is configure ws_server/config.js and configure TSServer to match the public IP Address of your TeamSpeak server.

Then copy the folder to your fivem server and start the script. Then in your console, you should see Listening On: Copy the IP Address and port because you will need this for later.

Setting up Tokovoip_script

The first thing you will need to do is edit tokovoip_script/c_config.lua and edit wsServer with the IP Address and port that you copied earlier, Now you will need to edit the TSChannel to match the TeamSpeak channel that users will be moved to when they join the server. Your TeamSpeak should have a waiting room, and a locked TeamSpeak channel.

This is what my config looks like

TokoVoipConfig = {
	refreshRate = 100, -- Rate at which the data is sent to the TSPlugin
	networkRefreshRate = 2000, -- Rate at which the network data is updated/reset on the local ped
	playerListRefreshRate = 5000, -- Rate at which the playerList is updated
	minVersion = "1.5.0", -- Version of the TS plugin required to play on the server
	enableDebug = false, -- Enable or disable tokovoip debug (Shift+9)

	distance = {
		15, -- Normal speech distance in gta distance units
		5, -- Whisper speech distance in gta distance units
		40, -- Shout speech distance in gta distance units
	headingType = 0, -- headingType 0 uses GetGameplayCamRot, basing heading on the camera's heading, to match how other GTA sounds work. headingType 1 uses GetEntityHeading which is based on the character's direction
	radioKey = Keys["CAPS"], -- Keybind used to talk on the radio
	keySwitchChannels = Keys["Z"], -- Keybind used to switch the radio channels
	keySwitchChannelsSecondary = Keys["LEFTSHIFT"], -- If set, both the keySwitchChannels and keySwitchChannelsSecondary keybinds must be pressed to switch the radio channels
	keyProximity = Keys["Z"], -- Keybind used to switch the proximity mode
	radioClickMaxChannel = 100, -- Set the max amount of radio channels that will have local radio clicks enabled
	radioAnim = true, -- Enable or disable the radio animation
	radioEnabled = true, -- Enable or disable using the radio
	wsServer = "", -- Address of the websocket server

	plugin_data = {
		-- TeamSpeak channel name used by the voip
		-- If the TSChannelWait is enabled, players who are currently in TSChannelWait will be automatically moved
		-- to the TSChannel once everything is running
		TSChannel = "Ingame",
		TSPassword = "supersafepassword", -- TeamSpeak channel password (can be empty)

		-- Optional: TeamSpeak waiting channel name, players wait in this channel and will be moved to the TSChannel automatically
		-- If the TSChannel is public and people can join directly, you can leave this empty and not use the auto-move
		TSChannelWait = "[TokoVOIP] Waiting channel", -- You NEED tokovoip in the wait channel name!

		-- Blocking screen informations
		TSServer = "", -- TeamSpeak server address to be displayed on blocking screen
		TSChannelSupport = "Support", -- TeamSpeak support channel name displayed on blocking screen
		TSDownload = "", -- Download link displayed on blocking screen
		TSChannelWhitelist = { -- Black screen will not be displayed when users are in those TS channels

		-- The following is purely TS client settings, to match tastes
		local_click_on = true, -- Is local click on sound active
		local_click_off = true, -- Is local click off sound active
		remote_click_on = false, -- Is remote click on sound active
		remote_click_off = true, -- Is remote click off sound active
		enableStereoAudio = true, -- If set to true, positional audio will be stereo (you can hear people more on the left or the right around you)
		-- ClickVolume = -15, -- Set the radio clicks volume, -15 is a good default

		localName = "", -- If set, this name will be used as the user's teamspeak display name
		localNamePrefix = "[" .. GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()) .. "] ", -- If set, this prefix will be added to the user's teamspeak display name

AddEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", function(resource)
	if (resource == GetCurrentResourceName()) then	--	Initialize the script when this resource is started
			if(TokoVoipConfig.plugin_data.localName == '') then
				TokoVoipConfig.plugin_data.localName = escape(GetPlayerName(PlayerId())); -- Set the local name
		TriggerEvent("initializeVoip"); -- Trigger this event whenever you want to start the voip

-- Update config properties from another script
function SetTokoProperty(key, value)
	if TokoVoipConfig[key] ~= nil and TokoVoipConfig[key] ~= "plugin_data" then
		TokoVoipConfig[key] = value

		if voip then
			if voip.config then
				if voip.config[key] ~= nil then
					voip.config[key] = value

-- Make exports available on first tick
exports("SetTokoProperty", SetTokoProperty)

This is what channels I have in my teamspeak server

  • [TokoVOIP] Waiting channel

  • Ingame (Locked with a passcode “supersafepassword”

  • Support

  • Support2

Users will need to install the TeamSpeak plugin before they can play on the server. You can learn how to install the plugin Here

Ensure that you have port forwarded the port that you set up in ws_server/config.js (Default is 33250) otherwise players will not be able to connect to tokovoip

Now you should have a working tokovoip plugin.

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