Blog Update

Blog Update

New Update to my blog.

You may have noticed that my blog looks different. Over the last few days, I have been working on revamping my blog so it looks better than ever before so I am proud to announce that the new version of Bencey’s Blog has finally been released.

Before I start talking about new features I have decided that I am going to start focusing much more on the quality of my posts and try to make them as professional as possible due to this I am going to be deleting some old posts that I feel is not worth having on the site

New Features

There are some amazing new features that my previous blog did not even have, Below I will be listing some of the new features that you can test for yourself.

Welcome Page.

If you click on my icon or the name of the site you will be taken to a welcome page which contains a few details about me and provides some further information such as contact details, stats, etc.

Projects & Resume

The blog now has dedicated pages for projects and a resume. Because of this, I am still considering if I want to keep my site or if I should move it all to my blog. I will see how time goes on

Search Feature

The blog now has Built-In Search. It even works when you are offline.

The search UI shows previews of each of the posts and pages, right on top of the regular content.

Dark Theme

For people who like the dark theme, this is for you. The new blog now has a button (Which is to the left of the search bar), which sets the theme of the blog to a darker color, Although this is not permanent, so if you close and reopen the website it will go back to light mode.


The site now builds new pages and reflects new changes much faster than before, Previously when I released a new post it would take at least 5-10 minutes to build and then deploy to the host but now when I push a new change it will build and deploy within a matter of minutes


I now can add “authors” to the website so for example, if you goto one of my posts for example this one and scroll to the bottom you can see who wrote the post and some information about the author. So if someone writes a post and I publish it on my blog I will be able to write details about the author who wrote the post

Subscription Boxes.

I also now can create subscription boxes that I can use to create a newsletter and update system that users can subscribe to so they will be notified when either a new blog post is released or any other information (No spam though because we all hate spam)

There are still heaps of new features and I could go on for hours talking about them but I will keep this as short as possible, If you have any further questions you can contact me using the information below

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