How to Install Bitwarden

How to Install Bitwarden

Installing Bitwarden on Linux, Windows and Mac

Bitwarden is one of the most fastest and safest password managers, Installing it is super easy aswell.



Firstly you will need to download the bitwarden script to your machine by running the following commands depending on your Operating System

Linux / Mac

curl -Lso \
    && chmod +x


Invoke-RestMethod -OutFile bitwarden.ps1 `

You now need to start the installation by running the script using the following commands depending on your Operating System

Linux / Mac

./ install
.\bitwarden.ps1 -install

Once you have run the commands you will be prompted to enter some information,

First it will ask for your installation ID and key which you should of created earlier located at

Next it will ask you some questions about SSL Certificates for this step I told bitwarden to generate a self-signed SSL Certificate

Complete the rest of the questions to your personal liking

Running Bitwarden

Now that you have installed bitwarden you can start the program by running the following command depending on your machine

Linux / Mac

./ start


.\bitwarden.ps1 -start

After that you can verify that bitwarden is running correctly by using the following command

docker ps

Now you will be able to access bitwarden on the localhost (If you are running bitwarden from the same machine) using localhost:80 or localhost:443 Then it will prompt you to create a user account

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