Docker Swarm TraefikV2

Want to learn how to setup traefik on your docker swarm? Read this info for more info

Traefik is an open source reverse proxy and load balancer that allows you to deploy services easy.

How to install Home Assistant

How to install Home Assistant

Want to learn how to install Home Assistant? Read this post for more info

Homeassistant is an open source software which is used for improving home automation and is intended to be the central control system for your smart house.

How to create a Fivem Server On Windows

Want to learn how to Install and setup a Fivem server? Read this post for more info

Fivem is a modification for GTA V that allows users to play multiplayer on customizable dedicated servers, this means that anyone can setup their own server and install plugins to customize their server. In this guide I will be showing you how to setup your own FiveM server.

Install docker ubuntu 18.04

Install docker ubuntu 18.04

Installing Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

Docker is a set of PAAS (Platform as a service) Products that uses virtualization to deliver “containers” that you can use to easily install and run software / Applications. This guide will teach you how to install docker on Ubuntu 18.04


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