How to Install TokoVoip for Fivem (Client)

Want to learn how to install TokoVoip teamspeak plugin for Fivem?. Read this post for more info

TokoVoip is a custom TeamSpeak plugin that is used alongside a fivem script which adds in proximity chat between players. It also includes Radio Effects using a program called Radio FX this guide will teach you how to install TokoVoip client side so you can connect to servers that use TokoVoip

Raspberry Pi Cluster Update #2

Raspberry Pi Cluster Update #2

Want to learn what new things I have done with my raspberry Pis?. Read this post for more info

Good evening everyone, As promised here is a blog post stating what new things I have done with my Raspberry Pi Cluster. This is just a quick update post so its not a long and detailed post. I just quickly put this together in the last 15 minutes

Minneapolis 'Hack' Breakdown

Apparenty the Minneapolis Police stations Systems were hacked I believe the hacks are fake. Read this post for more info

There have been rumors of a cyber attack on the Minneapolis Police Stations Computer systems. I strongly believe these rumors are fake and I will be giving my reasons that they are fake

Discord Anarchy3 Malware

There is a new updated malware that can steal your discord password and even disable 2FA. Read this post for more info

There is a new version of Anarchy Grabber which steals users passwords, tokens, disable 2FA And can spread to other users (If they install it) on the discord platform, This post will inform you how you can find out if you are infected.


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