Minneapolis 'Hack' Breakdown

Apparenty the Minneapolis Police stations Systems were hacked I believe the hacks are fake. Read this post for more info

There have been rumors of a cyber attack on the Minneapolis Police Stations Computer systems. I strongly believe these rumors are fake and I will be giving my reasons that they are fake

Discord Anarchy3 Malware

There is a new updated malware that can steal your discord password and even disable 2FA. Read this post for more info

There is a new version of Anarchy Grabber which steals users passwords, tokens, disable 2FA And can spread to other users (If they install it) on the discord platform, This post will inform you how you can find out if you are infected.

Post: Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

Want to learn about how one of the largest antivirus protection companies is selling your data? Read this post for more info

An antivirus program that is used by millions of users around the world has been caught selling highly sensitive user data to some of the worlds biggest companies. An investigation was conducted by two companies which managed to discover leaked user data, contracts and other documents which show this data getting sold and is meant to be highly sensitive and highly confidential.


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