Benjamin Durham

Benjamin Durham


Hi, my name’s Benjamin, I am an IT freelancer and the founder of Tier III Technologies, I have experience in a wide variety of fields such as Web Development, Software Development, Customer Service, Systems Administration and more.

Tauranga, New Zealand
(27) 238-7426
Benjamin Durham



ICT Technician at Te Puke High School

Senior Network Manager at Storm Server Hosting LLC

Senior Network Manager for Storm Server Hosting which is a hosting provider that provides hosting services for discord bots, game servers and dedicated virtual machines.


Developer at CronoTech

Developer for CronoTech which is a development company that creates FiveM servers, Discord bots, Cads, Websites and provides hosting


  • Created over 10 unique gaming servers from scratch

Developer at Evolution Roleplay Community

Evolution RP Community was a gaming community, Some of my tasks were creating custom scripts that met the needs of the ownership team and responding quickly and effectively to reports of bugs and getting them fixed in a timely manner


  • Created a functioning script that allowed administrators to take a screengrab of players game to ensure they do not have any malicious hacks installed
  • Created an anti-cheat that alerted staff when a player attempted to preform a malicious action


Founder at Tier III Technologies

Tier III Technologies is an IT Services company. My job is to preform a varity of IT jobs such as repairs, data recovery, System setup, diagnostic tests and much more.


  • Successfully served over 50 unique clients
  • Successfully achieved positive reviews


Contributor / Administrator at Funkypenguin

I am a Community Manager / Developer for a small company called Funkypenguin. Funkypenguin is a company that mainly focuses on new technology and software. Members create guides and blog posts about the new technology. I am the community manager for the company. Some of my tasks include: Ensuring the community are safe and do not have any complaints or issues, keep the chatrooms updated and maintained, Creating any documents if specified by a supervisor.


Developer at Computing On Demand

I am the community manager and lead developer for a company called Computing on demand. This company is mainly based around technologies and server hosting. Some of my tasks within the company include: Ensuring the community do not have any issues or complaints, Creating new technologies that better suit the community eg chat bridges. And providing any assistance if requested by supervisors

Customer Support Agent at BaconFeet

I worked for an online movie streaming company. My position in this company was a support specialist. Some of my tasks with this role is to answer any questions that customers have. and preform troubleshooting techniques to solve customers issues and then document the fixes made


  • Achieved over 2000 customers
  • Achieved over 500 positive reviews


Director Of Human Resources at Firing Range Community

I am currently a Manager for a community that is based around firing ranges and guns. Some of my main jobs is to watch chat and make sure that everyone is enjoying themself and behaving. I create official announcements and documents when needed. I conduct trainings for new members of our Human Resources team and I ensure that all departments and Staff are managing efficiently and appropriately.


  • Created Efficent Training System
  • Founded the Investigation team


in High School from Papamoa College

in Tertiary Education from EmployNZ / Avonmore


NCEA Level 1 from Papamoa College

NCEA Level 2 from Papamoa College

NCEA Level 3 from Papamoa College

New Zealand Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support from NZQA

New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service from ServiceIQ


Ben is a passionate young man with an impressive appetite for learning. What impresses me about Ben is not how much he knows, but how quickly he ingests and operationalises new skills or technologies. I would gladly recommend Ben as a long-term investment.

David Young

Ben is great with discord bot's and web design! He put together an awesome chat bridge for telegram on our pool along with other great bots and a new website we use on our discord. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly. If you need bots use this guy you wont regret it!

Neal Grant

A really good dude! This guy made a few bots for our crypto pool clan, and did a really professional job. We havent really had any issues but he still sticks around to make adjustments to the bots so that they fit our needs perfectly. He has also offered information and assisted with non bot related obstacles that our crypto pool clan have encountered. I would refer this professional to anyone looking to acquire quality bots for your channel.

Richard Shover


Fluency: Native speaker


Web Development
Level: expert
  • HTML
  • CSS
Level: Intermediate
Level: Intermediate
Level: Intermediate

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